Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 weeks more in singapore

i've been here 4 months ad..
time flies super fast..
2 weeks more im gonna back to my hometown
and start my new life again.

the reason that i leave because i wan to change diffrent place to work.
4 months it really short..but i like the moment when im here..
singapore is really a nice place to live..
safety and convenient..

so from now on..
i wan to enjoy every moment since i left 2 weeks more in singapore.
once i back malaysia..dont know when will come and visit here again..
it just like i went for muse festival concert last 4 years ago..
this 4 months i live independent..learn alot things here.
how to go here and there..haha
so next time i come again wont be sesat.

what i worry now is cant find a proper job in malaysia..
what i mean is continue baking or other work..
sometimes i feel like not suitable for myself..
i interesting in baking..but once i do is just very difficult.

good luck always.

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