Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 weeks more in singapore

i've been here 4 months ad..
time flies super fast..
2 weeks more im gonna back to my hometown
and start my new life again.

the reason that i leave because i wan to change diffrent place to work.
4 months it really short..but i like the moment when im here..
singapore is really a nice place to live..
safety and convenient..

so from now on..
i wan to enjoy every moment since i left 2 weeks more in singapore.
once i back malaysia..dont know when will come and visit here again..
it just like i went for muse festival concert last 4 years ago..
this 4 months i live independent..learn alot things here.
how to go here and there..haha
so next time i come again wont be sesat.

what i worry now is cant find a proper job in malaysia..
what i mean is continue baking or other work..
sometimes i feel like not suitable for myself..
i interesting in baking..but once i do is just very difficult.

good luck always.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Labour Day

labour day got work too..after finished work..
wei hong came to singapore around 5pm.
then met him up at woodlands mrt.

haha finally he make it.
can see my friend again..
then we straight away went to chinatown to book a room to stay.
cause there nearer to the clubbing..
so i had chosen there..
the hotel called HOTEL 81 just beside chinatown point..

1 night cost us 149
once we arrived there..there's no room for us..
need to wait till 11pm..
then wei hong phone to his uncle from singapore..
he said will come to find us.
so we wait almost 15 mins.
guess what..his uncle treat us for dinner and movie..
a million thanks..and accompany us to walk around singapore..
its quite tired actually..

then when 11pm went to check in our room..
once entered the room straight get ready to clubbing.


last week i had been there with ho chiang ad.
so fast 1 week passed already..
yesterday the DJ'S almost played techno songs..
shake until u bo lat..
this morning my knee pain. zzz
so u went till 4am..
woke up at 8.30am..
then headed off to plaza singapura for movie
ip man 2
before that breakfas at cafe carte..
after that movie till 1.30pm..

then brought wei hong to the new casino
but the shops its not fully open..
so just went to see only..

so wei hong back to melaka at 6pm..
then i need to be continue my lonelyness again.
start from tomorrow i will be entering butter cake department..
a brand new start and month for me..
good luck nic..
i just dont wan to give up easily.. =)

Monday, April 26, 2010


recently no update because working everyday..
eat work sleep. haha

yesterday steven yeow visited singapore for few days..
then we meet up at vivo city..
i feel so happy to see my friend here while im here for few months ad.
just alone. u will not understand the feeling..

once i saw him..
its like at my hometown to see friends.
quite touching for me actually..haha

then we taken our dinner at Kim Gary..
he said wan to have a look for singapore's clubbing..
then i bring him to ZIRCA.
i didnt go before..wan to have some look also..


and finally me and steven at clark quake riverside.

wei hong coming this weekend..
hope you dont aeroplane me..
i will dissapointed seem now im so excited.
and steven too..hope to see you again.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


hey guys..
left few more hours to pass my birthday..
before that, thanks to all my friends who wishes me ..
im happy and touching.lol

guess what.1st time celebrate my birthday in singapore
erm.not even celebrate la actually..
as usual day..

just webcaming with my family just now..
its video call..
they sang birthday song for me.
feel very very touching..
happy although im alone here..

my 1st wish is all the best to my journey..
i cant give up no matter what happen..
i had chosen this road there's no turning back for sure..
i can do it..just need some time..

2nd wish for healthy..
without healthy..i cant do anything i like..
i appreciate my life when im enjoying my life without worries..

and the last.. hope im happy in singapore.


IKEA Singapore

few days ago went to IKEA to bought pillow and quilt.
i took bus 168 to IKEA Tampines..
using the expressway..i think should take half an hour to there..

so that was my 1st time went to IKEA..
really really big ...
selling all types of furniture..
you can buy what you need there.
no need to worry..

there showing all categories..
like living room,bed room and kitchen so on..
so you wont sesat urself there..i like this part

so i bought 3 items there..
cost me $ 71
guess what.the plastic bag cost me 1 dollar.
maybe they global warming..
some of them straight away carry their stuff put into the car..
so no need any plastic bag..
i got no choice because i dont have a car..haha

spend my sunday at ikea.